Shopper-Focused Research: 479-236-6805


Who Are We

We are a small, full service global research firm offering qualitative and quantitative research as well as research planning and department/store shopper-based design. We’re also a majority women-owned business.

Our Mission

To become your shopper research affordable solution. Many research firms are designed to deliver consumer research leveraging their own platforms. The focus of Headline Research is the shopper, with emphasis on the shopping experience. Our smaller size means more personal attention, and affordable investment options.

Our Passion

We are passionate about finding solutions to your first moment of truth business questions. If you do not convert shoppers at the first moment of truth (in the store), you will never get the chance to create trial or repeat.

Our Experience

It is rare to have 20+ years of shopper-focused research experience available up against your tough first moment of truth business questions.

Our Cost Structure

Our small infrastructure provides a lower overall fixed cost, allowing much more flexibility for affordable investment options. This smaller size also allows for a much more flexibility in our approach.